Bidet Toilet Seat Comparison – The Best Bidet Toilet Seats Come in Different Sizes and Shapes

Not many people are aware that the history of the best bidet toilet seats spans over two centuries, and that these have now become a crucial aspect of personal hygiene all over the world. With France being its place of origin, back in those days when full body bath was not convenient for majority of people, and done just once every week, bidets were invented for cleansing the body’s private areas in between whole body baths.  

With the modern world’s advanced knowledge of contamination methods and bacterium, bidets serve even more purposes and functions than their original intention. For example, the use of bidet also lessens the cases of urinary tract and bladder infections. It can also help in the healing and treatment of hemorrhoids, and helps new mothers in their process of healing. Bidets also reduce the use of paper products which then helps in saving the forests around the world. These technological breakthroughs also help seniors in retaining personal independence and good health, and so much more. Read detailed reviews here.

For those who still don’t have bidets in their homes, and they know that they need to get one, you might want to read this short bidet toilet seat comparison to learn about the basic choices available in the market right now:

Bidet Attachments

Bidet toilet seat attachments are known to be the most efficient but least expensive method to install a bidet in your house. You can attach these to practically any commode, with the installation completed in just a matter of 30 minutes. There’s no need for a plumber, contractor or some kind of professional to achieve your goal.

Non Electric Bidets

Non electric bidets are easy to install and they come as complete toilet seats and may be attached in between the seat and toilet. This kind of bidet is real value for money as it needs no electricity and gets the work done. Such bidets are hooked on to the bathroom pipes and may use both cold and hot water, yet it depends on the way you set that up.

Handheld Bidets

Like most bidet toilet seat attachments, such sprayers are in a form in which some of you are familiar. They’re similar to sprayers that you find in many kitchens, yet with a little difference. Moreover, such handhelds enable you more control of where water goes. These might require a little assistance to install, yet they’re well worth your effort.

Free Standing Bidets

Typically, this option is reserved for the consumers with spacious and big bathrooms as well as disposable income to afford both the professional installation and the appliance itself. These free standing models are often made of porcelain and require as much as space as the current commode. Plumbing is also needed for bidet to be operational.

With numerous options available nowadays in the industry of bidet, anybody can make a healthier choice to get better hygiene.

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